Monday, February 23, 2009

Tsukiyama-sama Website Update News- 2/23/2009

Lightning Baron- Milliardo Peacecraft/Zechs Merqusie Fansite and Fanlisting
2/23/2009- Following up from the 2/1/2009 update for Lighting Baron! I'm about 95% done with with reorganizing all the pages, image links etc. I should have this done by Wednesday February 25th (or at the earliest Tuesday February 24th).

What to look for in the Wednesday February 25th (or at the earliest Tuesday February 24th) Update
Some changes-
Codes pages have been reorganized
Cosplayer Gallery has been reoganized
URLs on the Affiliates and Links Out pages have been checked and have remove dead Links.
and number one change-
Move site back under Lilly's Fanlisting Collective. *

Member's List
No new members since November 27th, 2008!
*Still having problems with spamer joining the member's list. Need to find a script that can provide spammer joining so real fans can join only!

"There has not been any new members since November 27th, 2008- due to spam entries. I will be contincing to delete all spam entries. So please if you want to join please put a real name (first) or nickname and real email address and if you have a website please give me a workable website link and make sure you have either a text link or one of the codes linking back to the fanlisting. Thanks so much!"

thanks as always!

PS: Please feel free to post replies/feedback on how you like my blogger!

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