Monday, March 23, 2009

Tsukiyama-sama Website Update News- 3/23/2009

Lilly Fanlistings UPDATE #4!

Lightning Baron- The Peacecraft Milliardo | Merquise Zechs Fansite and Fanlisting
3/23/09- No New Members!

Yoake no katana (Sword of Dawn)... A Takezo Kensei/Adam Monroe fanlisting
3/23/09- Added more graphics-

What's Coming up in the near future for the site?
Add more link exchange program codes and a site status code
Art for the FanArt page
FanFics to the FanFics page
more graphics to the Graphic's Gallery

Burning Prince- Vegeta Sanctuary Fansite and Fanlisting
3/23/09- No New members! Revamp/Do a major update about the Live Action Movie- Dragonball: Evolution ^_^ - and add alot of Images|Posters from the movie too- . I've double check the URL Links on Links page and Affiliates page.

What's Coming up in the near future for the site?
*Open 2 new galleries for the screencaps of Vegeta and tons of images of Vegeta.

Brian Drummond's Fanlisting
3/23/09- No new member's since August 19, 2008!

What's Coming up in the near future for the site?
Working on more information regarding on Brian's Works page^.^ So be on the look out for more details.

Explore- Jerry Yen's Fanlisting
3/23/09- Welcome new members!

What's Coming up in the near future for the site?
*More information on the works page.
*More information on the where to buy products page.

Websites Updates #3

Tsukiyama-sama (Main Website)
3/23/09- Coming soon to in 2009 so be on a look out for- "Lilly's Naoko Princess Room" (Naoko-hime Secret Room), "Lilly's Hana Yori Dango Live Action Shrine" (coming to the Lilly's Asian Drama Directory), "Lilly's Anime/Manga/Asian Drama Collection Website" and "Lilly's Cosplay Gallery".

Lilly's Asian Drama Directory
3/23/09- New shrines coming in 2009-"Lilly's Naoko Princess Room" (Naoko-hime Secret Room) , "Lilly's Hana Yori Dango Live Action Shrine" and Moonlight Justice: A guide to the Sailor Moon Musicals known as "SeraMyu".

Be on the look out for this new section at the directory!
I'm working on setting up a new section for the directory that you all can join and have your asian related websites listed on. This section is in its working stages. I'll let you all know more about the process in the matter of months.

These Shrines listed below are in the planning stages and hope to be add to Lilly's Asian Drama Shrines Directory in the near future!

Lilly's Mars Shrine
Lilly's Peach Girl Shrine
Lilly's Devil Beside You Shrine
Lilly's The Hospital Shrine

Tsuki Mubi: A Pretty Guardian Video Collection
3/23/09- Tsuki Mubi turns 5 years old tommorrow on March 13th, 2009! Yea! I can't believe it, it feels like I've just opened Tsuki Mubi like yesterday! I'm hoping for many more years!

Just a reminder that *PGSM Reviewers section is open and ready for any reviewers that like to take a hand of reviewing any PGSM music videos! If anyone is interest in being a reviewer please check out the page then contact me at with "Tsuki Mubi" Helper" and state in the message you like to help out.

See you all in April 2009 for 2009' Tsuki Mubi's PGSM Music Video Contest Information.

Lilly's Fanlisting Collective
3/23/09- Still working on adding all the joined fanlistings that I'm a member of on my script program- Enthusiast 3 . Owners of fanlistings that I'm a member to, happen to be doing checking URLs and notice that I do not have you linked please email me. When I was transfering everyone over to Enthusiast 3 there were alot of fanlistings that didn't transfered over and some that I was a member off closed/link doesn't work.

thanks as always!

PS: Please feel free to post replies/feedback on how you like my blogger!

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